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Neighbors: Cheyenne High students are skipping class, terrorizing neighborhood

Posted at 11:35 PM, Mar 30, 2017
and last updated 2018-11-21 17:26:32-05

Neighbors living near Cheyenne High School say students have been skipping class, and hanging out on the street doing drugs and leaving trash.

Mike Goldberg lives right across the street. He says he became aware of the problem when his homeowners association told him to clean his yard.

Goldberg noticed broken bottles, drug paraphernalia and trash all along the street next to his house. He says one day, his wife even captured video of students cutting class and smoking marijuana right in front of their home.

He says things even turned violent. Goldberg says his wife once told a group of students to get off their property, and 2 girls picked up rocks and threw at her, chasing her into her house.

"She called me crying," Goldberg says.  

He says he's tried to reach out the administration at the school, but nothing's been done.

"It seems to be the school's problem. They have no control over their kids," Goldberg says.

His neighbor, Lola Smith, has seen the same problem. She's noticed vandalism on a wall, and Smith says she's even seen students having sex outside her window.

"I pounded on my window and told them to get out," she says. "They just ran off."

We reached out to the Clark County School District. They said CCSD police are aware of the situation.  

They say "the school has taken steps in mitigating the issue by requesting additional assistance on campus and will continue to monitor the issue."