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Neighborhood says thieves broke into mailboxes

Posted at 5:42 PM, Mar 04, 2016
Another valley neighborhood has fallen victim to mail theft. 
In addition to the bills and junk mail, there can be important personal information in your mailbox.
"It's tax season, you gotta be careful because all of your information is sitting in your mailbox," said Michelle Lemaster, who lives in a neighborhood near Tenaya and the 215. 
Lemaster said she went out to the mailboxes one day in January and they were all empty with the doors left open.
"They basically pry it open and there's no consequences to these people," she said.
So she decided to take action. Lemaster had a camera installed up in her trees to catch the thieves if they ever came back...and they did.
At the end of February, two people were caught on camera going through the mailboxes, though they cannot be certain whether it's the same people. The pictures show someone with their hood up, and a girl going through the mailboxes
Lemaster said she contacted the U.S. Postal Service after this started happening in January and never heard back. We reached out to them this afternoon and did not hear back before deadline.