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Neighborhood app solves case of stolen car in Mountain's Edge

Posted at 6:57 PM, Sep 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 22:26:11-04

Neighbors who saw a post about a stolen car in Mountain's Edge were able to get it back to its owner undamaged.

It happened Sunday night near Gomer Road and Durango Drive. Chris McCarthy says his daughter may have dropped the keys to her car or had them in their garage. Either way, thieves were apparently able to steal them.

McCarthy says he was surprised at how bold the crooks were, considering his home is right near the gate to their community and is equipped with cameras.

"You'd like to feel safe about that, but that makes us all feel a little anxious," he says.

He says the crooks then came back Monday night and stole the car.

It was recovered Wednesday by a neighbor who saw the theft posted in a neighborhood app.

According to crime mapping, in the Mountain's Edge area south of Blue Diamond Road, there were 6 burglaries and 3 auto thefts in the last month.

Neighbors say they'll be keeping their eyes out.