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Useful tips to help you in your virtual job interview

Posted at 10:36 AM, Aug 25, 2020

The pandemic has made in-person meetings and events far less common, and that includes job interviews. As more interviews take place virtually, here are some tips to help you interview from the comfort of your own home.

Jonathan Nugent, the owner of All-Star Career Services in Cincinnati, Ohio, said try to look at your camera, "not necessarily the person that you're chatting with." By looking at the camera, it makes it seem like you are looking at your interviewer directly.

Nugent also said your background and setting aren't as important as things like whether or not the place you are sitting is well lit or has good acoustics so your interviewer can hear you properly. Your posture, and whether or not you are sitting up straight or slouching, is also important, said Nugent.

From there, stylist and owner of Sloane Boutique, Ivy Costa, said to think about what kind of position you are applying for and dress accordingly.

If the job you've applied for is more corporate, Costa suggests dressing in more neutral tones with a pop of color. For creative positions, subtle patterns and more color works.

And while some people might only dress their top half for the interview, Costa said dressing like you're in the same room as the interviewer is the best bet.

"It fires those engines on mentally that you're there and ready to go," Costa said. "When you have the job and you're comfortable, put your yoga pants back on."

Sina Gebre-Ab with WCPO in Cincinnati, Ohio, first reported this story.