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1,000 doses of heroin found in raid on New York apartment

Posted at 11:16 AM, May 08, 2017

Two simultaneous drug raids in New York resulted in the seizure of about 1,000 doses of heroin — or 50 grams.

An Erie County narcotics unit raided an apartment in Buffalo and a residence in the Town of Evans when it found the heroin which the Sheriff's office there says is equivalent to about 1,000 doses. The unit also says it seized one-half ounce of crack cocaine, numerous loose Xanax pills, a quantity of marijuana, about $4,500 and a handgun.

The drugs from Monday's raid are being tested to see whether or not they were laced with fentanyl and cocaine, a newer illegal drug practice that is spreading throughout the U.S.

All drugs, money and the handgun were found at the Buffalo residence. No narcotics were found in the Evans raid, according to officials.

The handgun was submitted for analysis. Deputies say it is unknown at this time whether or not the gun is stolen.

James Carter, 31, was arrested and is being held at the Erie County Holding Center until his arraignment. He is accused of the following charges:

  • Two felony counts of criminal possession of narcotics with intent to sell
  • Two felony counts of criminal possession of narcotics
  • Felony count of criminal possession of a weapon
  • Misdemeanor counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance
  • Three misdemeanor counts of criminal use of a drug paraphernalia
  • Two separate violations for marijuana possession and prescription drug possession

Carter is a three-time convicted drug felon, according to the Sheriff's office.

The investigation was a result of a tip to the Sheriff's Office. The Narcotics Unit says it learned Carter was targeting members of the Seneca Nation in the Cattaraugus Indian Territory for his illegal drug sales.