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Jogging stroller recalled in 2017

Jogging stroller recalled in 2017
Posted at 6:22 AM, Sep 20, 2018

EDITOR'S NOTE: This recall was issued in September of 2017, according to the CPSC. The story was inadvertently reissued in 2018. We regret the error.

A popular jogging stroller has been recalled after complaints of a component breaking that resulted in at least one child falling out of the seat.

Delta Children recalled about 28,000 of its “J is for Jeep” strollers this week after four reports came in that the leg bracket had broken, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In one instance, a child actually fell out of the stroller, causing bruises and cuts, the commission announcement said.

Anyone who owns a recalled stroller should stop using it and contact Delta for a repair, according to Fortune.

Consumers may call (800) 377-3777 for a free repair. They can also reach out to recall@deltachildren.com or visit the company website at deltachildren.com.

The strollers are designed for jogging in all terrains.

Common stores like Target, Walmart and Shopco sold the strollers between August 2015 and August 2016 for anywhere between $130 and $160, Fortune reported.

Jogging strollers are safe for the most part, according to Fitness. It’s best, however, to wait until children have developed the muscles and bone structure to survive a fall or injury.

But new research from earlier this year said jogging with a stroller burns fewer calories than running without a baby, according to Fatherly.

The study said runners with strollers take smaller strides, their heart rate is slower and they don't burn as many calories as those who take longer strides.

“Now, if they can keep up the same speed, and push the stroller, then the workout will pay bigger dividends. But that appears tough to do,” according to Fatherly.