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Pennsylvania couple gets wrong card back at restaurant and unknowingly charges it

Posted at 10:48 AM, Feb 18, 2018

 It`s the one thing you don`t think will ever happen.

A Cumberland County, Pennsylvania couple who wishes to remain anonymous went to the new Gilligan's location on Carslile Pike, only to come back home with the wrong Members First debit card.

"It was just crazy busy, and we went to pay, it took a little bit but we were understanding, we left not thinking anything of it," added receiver of wrong card.

She says in the days following, she and her husband tried to use what they thought was their card for purchases, but it only worked once or twice before it started to decline.

"We kept putting the pin in and I was like I know my pin, I use it all the time, why isn`t this working?! And it just never dawned one me to check the name just because it looked like my card. Before it declined it, we were able to pump gas with this card," she added.

That`s when she and her husband realized something was wrong.

"We looked down at the card and saw that it wasn`t our name on the card, same bank, same color card, same everything, just not our name," said receiver of wrong card.

So they traced their steps back and found out Gilligan's Carlisle pike had their card and luckily, it had not been charged.

But what about the money they accidentally charged on the other person's card?

We`re trying to make it right and just pay that back the guy because it wasn`t our card, it`s not right," she said.

Al Pioppo at the Members First headquarters in Cumberland County says they are doing the right thing.

"That`s fantastic that they did go the extra step and it makes our job a lot easier, we don`t have to file a dispute for the member and if we can make the other member whole that`s fantastic," said Al Pioppo, Vice President of card services at Members First.

He says situations like these happen more often than not.

"Not everybody`s honest," said Pioppo.

And there are things to keep in mind if it happens to you.

First, call your bank.

"We can check into the account, we`ll notify the member and then we can shut down the card immediately so that it can`t be used by anybody," he added.

"I think it`s so important to be honest. It was an honest mistake and just to be upright, it`s the right thing to do," said receiver of wrong card.