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Man killed by swarm of bees in Arizona

Posted at 10:11 AM, Jul 31, 2017

One man has died, and several others were injured after being stung by bees Monday morning in Drexel Heights, Arizona.

According to Drexel Heights Fire District spokesman Tracy L. Koslowski, two landscapers and a local resident were attacked by bees on Monday morning.
One of the landscapers coded while on the scene. Firefighters took him inside the home to treat him, but he did not survive the attack.
One of the residents was also attacked and was transported to St. Mary’s hospital.
The second landscaper was stung, but was able to get away and refused any treatment, said Koslowski. The landscaper was spraying for weeds/bugs when the first landscaper approached him and was being attacked.
Two firefighters were also stung while they were helping the victims but are fine.
The Pascua Fire Department and Pima County Sheriff’s Department also on scene.