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Las Vegas couple confesses to torturing, killing cat believed to be a demon

Posted at 11:16 AM, Feb 27, 2017

A Las Vegas couple have been arrested for torturing and killing a woman's beloved cat.

Approximately 6 weeks ago, Nia Wulkan rented a room in her home to the couple, identified as 20-year-old Immanuel Church and 21-year-old Denise Eddines.

Wulkan asked the couple to care for cats and dogs after a family member became ill and her help was needed.

When she came home on Feb. 23, the couple told her that they had to kill one of Nia's cats. The police were called to the home after Nia and her son, Zane, began fighting with the couple.

After police arrived, Church confessed that he killed the cat named Spunky. Eddines also confessed to helping harm and kill the cat.

Church told police the cat began hissing and pawing at him and his girlfriend while they were watching television in Nia's room.

The couple kicked the cat out of the bedroom, but said that the cat began attacking Eddines when she went to the kitchen to get food.

The couple became convinced that the cat was a demon and the other cats could also be demons. They began devising a plan to get rid of the cat.

Eddines used the internet to search for a way to get rid of the demons inside the cats. Based on her research, she made a "potion" of hot sauce, bleach, Comet and other household items.

Church then trapped the cat, which reportedly attacked him like "Floyd Mayweather's last fight."

The couple poured the "potion" on and inside the cat. Church also violently kicked the cat. When the cat did not die, Church used two different swords to kill the cat.

Church and Eddines then attempted to pour the "potion" on another cat. Church also turned a fire extinguisher on the cat even though that cat had not attacked either Church or Eddines, according to Church.

Las Vegas police arrested Church and Eddines on 2 counts each of willful and malicious torture, cruelty or unjustifiable injury, and the maiming or killing of an animal that belongs to someone else.

Wulkan says her stepdad was in hospice care when all this was happening and that he later died. She came home to find her cats killed.

"I'm still shaking when I think about it," she said.

Wulkan said when she confronted Church he said "I killed your cat" with a smile on his face.

Church said from jail that he was left with no other choice since the cat was attacking him, but also apologized to Nia and says he wishes this hadn't happened.

They were booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

It is a felony to torture and kill animals in the state of Nevada.