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GOP candidates go South for Super Tuesday

GOP candidates go South for Super Tuesday
Posted at 4:32 PM, Feb 26, 2016

With Super Tuesday in just four days, the remaining five Republican candidates are ramping up their campaign efforts in what could be a pivotal point in race.

Here is what at stake Tuesday:

Total of 595 delegates

Alabama – 50 delegates
Alaska – 28 delegates
Arkansas – 40 delegates
Georgia – 76 delegates
Massachusetts – 42 delegates
Minnesota – 38 delegates
Oklahoma – 43 delegates
Tennessee – 58 delegates
Texas – 155 delegates
Vermont – 16 delegates
Virginia – 49 delegates

Nearly one-fourth of the total number of delegates will be up go grabs. So far, only 133 delegates have been awarded. Frontrunner Donald Trump already has racked up 82 delegates.

If Trump wins a large number of Super Tuesday states on Tuesday, he could be well on his way to the GOP’s nomination. But a good outing for Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz will add to the possibility of a brokered Republican convention in July.

In the upcoming set of primaries and caucuses, candidates are spending their final days of campaigning in the South. Minnesota and Alaska will not see any of the GOP candidates this weekend. Meanwhile, only Ohio Gov. John Kasich is making a last-minute pitch in Massachusetts and Vermont. He has two appearances in Massachusetts and an event in Vermont this weekend.

Meanwhile, most of the candidates will make appearances in Virginia and Georgia. Recent polls have Trump up by double figures in Virginia and Georgia.

Cruz is spending much of his weekend in Texas, looking for his second win of the cycle, and looking to stop Trump’s momentum. Trump has won three consecutive contests going into Super Tuesday.