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Garbage truck crashes into house in Kansas

Posted at 1:03 PM, Feb 28, 2018

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — Officials in Prairie Village say a garbage truck crashed into a house in Prairie Village Wednesday morning. 

Police said the driver fell out of the truck after turning onto Cedar Street from 83rd Terrace. The truck continued to roll and smashed into the corner of a home's garage.

The homeowners were home at the time but were uninjured. 

A spokeswoman at Overland Park Regional Medical Center said the trash truck driver remains in critical condition.

"I opened the front door and the truck was barreling across my grass and all the sudden it hit and we shook,” said the homeowner, Rick Evrard.

Michael Yates was remodeling a kitchen at a home across the street when he heard the crash.

“All the sudden I heard the boom,” said Yates, “That’s when I looked out the window and I saw the truck was inside the house over there and the fellow was laying on the ground.”

The man lying on the ground was the driver. Yates and Evrard ran to him to see if they could help him.

“We got towels. He was bleeding profusely from his head,” said Evrard.

Evrard was told his house is uninhabitable for the time being.

The truck also clipped a gas meter and the gas was shut off for repairs.