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Ellen DeGeneres brings "Mannequin Challenge" to White House

Posted at 1:08 PM, Nov 22, 2016

Athletes have done it. Police departments have done it. Prisoners have done it. Now, Ellen DeGeneres has gotten the White House in on the Mannequin Challenge.

DeGerenes was in Washington, D.C. Tuesday to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom — the highest award a civilian can receive. But before being honored, the talk show host decided have some fun with her fellow guests.

DeGeneres was able to convince Michelle Obama, Michael Jordan, Tom Hanks, Michelle Obama and dozens more award winners to freeze in place for the social media phenomena.

See the video of the star-studded Mannequin Challenge below.



DeGeneres almost didn't make it into the White House in the first place. Hours before she was scheduled to be honored by the president, she tweeted a photo of herself sitting outside on a park bench. Apparently, she had forgotten her ID.



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