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Multiple tires slashed in Henderson neighborhood

Posted at 4:33 PM, Jun 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-08 11:10:47-04

Neighbors near Horizon Ridge and Gibson Road in Henderson woke up to multiple cars vandalized and tires slashed.

Calls came into police early Thursday morning saying that around 10 cars were targeted in the neighborhood.  People woke up to their tires slashed and had to get them replaced.

One of the cars also had its back window smashed and police recovered a knife inside of that vehicle.

Neighbors say while this is the most extreme case, they've had a lot of car break-ins recently.  Many have cameras installed and Henderson Police they're encouraging people who live there to look back in their video for any suspicious activity.

Some neighbors say they've now had to spend hundreds of dollars getting their tires fired.  One neighbor, Whitney Ward, tells 13 Action News this all came after bills were piling up while she was battling cancer.

Luckily, her grandfather was able to help her get her fixed, but she says this has shaken their sense of security. Still, she's trying to stay positive. "Little things like this shouldn't bother you like the big things like chemo and stuff like that but you should worry about you and not some little tire slash that can easily be replaced," she says.