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New report: Utah teen reported missing in Las Vegas at MGM Grand was not kidnapped

Posted at 7:08 PM, Feb 16, 2017
UPDATE ON FEB. 23: According to a new Daily Mail report, Sarah Dunsey was not kidnapped or sex-trafficked. The article cites police sources in Las Vegas and Logan, Utah.
UPDATE ON FEB. 20: The family of Sarah Dunsey has released video of her emotional reunion with her family. They say they will be releasing more information about what happened to Dunsey in a few days.
UPDATE ON FEB. 18: Sarah Dunsey has been found, according to the Dunsey family on Facebook.
Details on how she was found are unclear at this time, as the family is asking for privacy.

A Utah mother is hoping a viral video will help bring her missing daughter home. 
In the video, Amie Dunsey said her daughter, Sarah, went missing on Jan. 15 from Las Vegas. She was last seen walking into the MGM Grand. 

The mother believes her daughter was abducted and is being forced into sex trafficking. 
"Sarah Bearah this message is for you. I want you to fight because I need you, all of us need you," Dunsey said in the video. 
A representative with KlaasKIDS said Sarah ran away from home with three friends, but her parents were in contact with the 17-year-old and thought she was safe. That is until her friends returned home without Sarah. 
"You hear about the situations these girls are in. They're broken, they're drugged, they're beaten, they're raped," said Leah Hullinger, Sarah's aunt. 
Family received text messages from Sarah while in Las Vegas, but it wasn't until the messages turned dangerous that they feared the worst. 
"I don't even want to say it out loud, but we are not there yet, we are not there yet," Hullinger said while holding back tears. 
13 Action News asked Hullinger why it has taken so long for Sarah's disappearance to make news. She said the family has had pushback from police. 
"I think people assumed certain things and they didn't want to pursue the case, specifically, Las Vegas," Hullinger said.
Las Vegas police said it did have contact with the family, but referred them over to the FBI in Los Angeles. They have since taken over the case. 
"We want our Sarah back. We love you Sarah," Hullinger said. 
The family is asking anyone with information to visit Find Sarah.