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Many anxious for start of CES

Posted at 7:13 PM, Jan 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-05 22:14:05-05
The Consumer Electronic Show is now just one day away. It's one of the biggest and most highly anticipated events in Las Vegas all year.
This year CES is bigger than ever. The massive show has more than 3,000 exhibitors and covers 50 football fields worth technology and innovations. 
"It's amazing the types of products that are launched here, but also the type of products that are developed and kind of come into concept" said CES Spokesperson Laura Hubbard.
Things are set up inside and outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center and also at the Sands, the Aria and other locations. It takes a lot to put everything together. Crews have been working for days and in some cases weeks to get everything ready.
We're expecting to see a lot from the automotive world.
Faraday is showing off it's new future car and there are eight other automotive companies showing off advancements.
Virtual and augmented reality are expected to be big at this years show as well and not just in gaming.
"Augmented reality in automotive and other ways you are imposing things on the screen of your car so that you'll see that there's a curve coming up in the road," said Hubbard.
A company called Earthquake Sound is showing off technology that allows you to use your smart phone to control your sound system in multiple rooms.
"So basically you can be having wine in the living room while the baby is having lullaby out of the same phone. Also access anyone's library in the house that is on the network," said Joseph Sahyoun, President of Earthquake Sound.
We're also expecting to see a lot of great new tech to help out parents like a high tech temple thermometer. It can be hooked up to an app that can track temperature history.
You can also list medications that have been taken and it can monitor those things for up to ten people.
Wearable health devices are another big trend like one from Under Armour called Health Box. It includes a chest strap to monitor heart rate, a wristband and a circular scale that all communicate with the brand's app.
CES officially opens Wednesday, Jan. 6 and runs through Saturday, Jan. 9.