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Man steals purse from inside Town Square store

Posted at 6:02 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-31 00:20:13-04
A man walks into a store in Town Square, takes a purse from off the counter, and then runs out.  
It's all caught on camera. 

Bold move! This man walks right into a store/theater in Town Square, takes a purse off the counter, and walks back out. I talked with the store owner of Baobab Stage about what happened, and what she's doing to make sure her store isn't targeted again!

Posted by Marissa Kynaston on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It happened at Baobob Stage, which is part boutique dress shop, part theater. Wassa Coulibaly is the owner, and she says she was helping a customer in a dressing room when a man walked in her store. 
The man looks around thinking nobody is inside, and then takes her purse from off the counter. 
"I'm really trusting, and I always feel like I am safe here," says Coulibaly. 
Coulibaly admits she shouldn't have left her purse on the counter, but says she got distracted. 
Her store is complex, with several different rooms and a full theater with a stage in the back. She says she couldn't hear the thief when he walked in and stole her purse. 
Coulibaly says she has always needed surveillance cameras since her store is so complex, but now she plans to invest in a customer alert system. 
"Last night I was thinking maybe that would be a really good solution. So when somebody comes, you would hear the bell, wherever you are," says Coulibaly. 
Her purse had $11,000 worth of checks inside. It also had cash, credit cards, and her house keys. The keys are Coulibaly's biggest concern, since she doesn't want somebody to be able to find her house.  
Even though she canceled the checks, she hopes the surveillance video can help lead to an arrest so she can feel safe. 
Coulibaly hopes somebody may recognize the unique design on the back of the man's jacket.