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Man working to track down creepy clown making threats

Posted at 11:44 PM, Sep 29, 2016
Reports of creepy clowns across the country are continuing to multiply as we are dealing with our own clown threats right here in Las Vegas. Garbo The Clown has a Facebook profile where he posted a threat to Chaparral High School students.
13 Action News met a guy who says he is doing the work of police by trying to track down the creepy clown.
Larry Heller calls himself a cyber investigator. He went to school for it and is now working on his own small business. He says he is able to track down people doing wrong all through their IP addresses.
"Green, you're active, right here, and I can ping and figure out where he is coming from," said Heller.
When Heller first heard about Garbo The Clown and all the threats he was making to students, he knew something had to be done.
"What you're doing is wrong and if you've got something to say about it that's fine, we will bring the news to you cause I've been following you this long and I'm gonna find out who you are."
So far, Heller has successfully pinged Garbo The Clown twice. One time was at the intersection near Las Vegas Boulevard and Bonanza Road. The other ping was at the Gorilla Cafe near Tropicana Avenue and Spencer Street.
"When I found him at the internet cafe, he was only there five minutes and boop, gone."
Heller says he will stay after the creepy clown until he finds him.
"If you're gonna be a cyber bully, I'm gonna take you down. I know where you are. I'm gonna get ahold of you and put your information to the law."
Clark County School District Police have told 13 Action News there is no credible threat. They say they still aren't sure who Garbo The Clown is. Las Vegas police say they are not investigating.