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Magician dazzles visually-impaired kids with special show

Posted at 9:43 PM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-22 14:05:36-05

Adam London is performing for a special audience.

"What is a pirate's favorite letter?," he asks.

"R," the children answer.

"You think it's the 'r' but it's really the 'c,'" says London as he chuckles.

Next, he performs a sleight of hand.

"Tickle the angel on the back of the card," says London. "Turn it over!," he exhorts as the children cheer. 

Adam London is one comedian/magician who lives up to his title.

On Wednesday, he did a special show, teaching tricks and illusions to kids with visual impairments at the Nevada Blind Children's Foundation. London adapts this show for his audience, who react more readily to temperature changes vibration and sound.

"We just wanted to help out as many kids as we can in the Las Vegas valley," says London, who also donated $1,000 of the proceeds from his show "Laughternoon" at the D Las Vegas.

Carly Lamb, a visually-impaired girl says the show lives up to the hype. "I think it's cool because a lot of kids don't get to see magicians that often," Carly said. “It was really fun.”