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Love Ranch employees say Lamar Odom used drugs

Posted at 12:12 AM, Oct 15, 2015

Richard Hunter, the spokesman for the Dennis Hof's Love Ranch Vegas, said Odom came alone to the ranch on Saturday after he was picked up by the Love Ranch in Las Vegas.

Hunter said Tuesday afternoon the two girls Odom had been spending his time with came running from the VIP suite when they found him unconscious. Hunt went back to the suite and found Odom on his side, eyes closed, snoring heavily, and unresponsive.

Hunter said he called 911, who asked what Odom had taken. Hunter said Odom drank cognac and the girls told him Odom took around ten "herbal Viagra" pills. Those pills are sold at the Love Ranch, but they do not know whether Odom bought them on site or brought them.

Odom had also admitted he took "a small amount of cocaine" before his arrival. Hunter said authorities searched Odom's bungalow after the incident and did not find any drugs or drug paraphernalia.

Hunter expressed his sadness and concern and said he and Odom shared a moment -- one he hopes to tell him about later. All the employees we spoke with said Odom was shy and very nice.

Love Ranch is located about an hour northeast of Las Vegas. It is a legal brothel in Nye County. It is not unusual for the ranch to send cars to Las Vegas to pick up wealthy and sometimes famous clients.

It is owned by Dennis Hof, who owns a total of seven brothels. His most famous brothel is the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Carson City, which was featured in the HBO docu-series "Cathouse." The Love Ranch employs 40 to 50 workers.