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Local politician worries vandalized tour bus could be politically motivated

Posted at 8:53 AM, Feb 27, 2018

A local politician woke up to his campaign tour bus vandalized before his campaign even started.  Now he's worried the crime could be politically motivated and a possible threat.

"It's scary!" says Jay Craddock.  "It's scary because I know I've ruffled some feathers."

Retired fire captain, Jay Craddock, says somebody threw a large object at his bus but didn't even steal anything, making him think the crime could be more than vandalism.  

"It really makes me wonder if this is simple vandalism or some kind of hate crime," says Craddock.  

He says the incident may have something to do with the political climate right now.  According to a recent study done by Pew Research Center, trust in our government is low with only 18% of Americans saying they trust their politicians to do what is right.

Craddock plans to run for state senate.  The race doesn't officially open until next week.  He says he wants people to know that all the possible candidates are just trying to stand up for their community.

"People are angry at politicians simply for the fact that they're politicians," says Craddock.

13 Action News reached out to police about the crime.  They say nobody has been charged yet.