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New Snapchat feature worries Las Vegas missing children organization

Posted at 12:49 PM, Jun 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-26 15:49:16-04

A local organization, who finds missing children, is sending out a warning to parents that a new Snapchat feature could be sharing a kid's location for anybody to see, including child predators.

"They don't have to drive around parks anymore," says Margarita Edwards with Nevada Child Seekers.  "All they have to do is create a profile." 

It's called Snap Map, and it pin points where users are in the neighborhood, and shows what they're doing.  

Some critics are worried that the new feature is a child predator's dream, since it shares a location in real time.

"It's scary because the location isn't a cross street, it's not a general location, it's within centimeters," says Edwards. 

Representatives with Snapchat say location sharing is off by default, in a setting called Ghost Mode. Reps also say it's impossible to share your location with someone who isn't your friend.  

What many parents don't know, is that if your kid is using social media, and if they aren't careful, Snap Map could broadcast their exact location to anyone on their friends list every time they open the app, even if they haven't posted anything. 

If you want to disable the new feature, open the camera mode, and pinch it to find the map.  In the top right corner is an icon where you can click Ghost Mode.