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Local man worried about low-flying planes

Posted at 6:24 AM, Oct 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-13 09:24:40-04
After a July crash, one Henderson man is worried about planes flying low over his home. 
Steve Sunter has lived in Inspirada for about three years.
Back in May, Sunter said he heard a plane flying low over his house and it continued happening. 
He took several videos with his phone that he said shows how low the planes are.
"There is a reverberation of the engine and it is quite noisy and loud and it does sound like it's too low," said Sunter. "Not only can you look at it and tell it's too low, but it sounds like it is too low."
But for Sunter, it's not just the annoying noise that's an issue, but what happened out here in July. On July 19, a plane went down near Anthem leaving four injured. 
"The next time a plane could go into the bedroom a little girl she could be sleeping in her bed at night and this plane is going to come flying through the window," Sunter said. 
We contacted the Federal Aviation Administration about this.
They said they have no reports of low flying aircraft in the area. But Sunter showed us letters the FAA sent to him when he told them about the problem.