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Wives of Las Vegas officers continue to pray as group for injured officer

Posted at 5:59 PM, Jun 04, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Continuing to pray - is what the wives of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers group on social media are doing, as officer Shay Mikalonis continues to battle for his life at the University Medical Center.

Officer Mikalonis was critically injured in a shooting during a local Black Lives Matter protest, and the chaos of the incident sparked the worst fears in the wives' group.

Las Vegas community members showing support for injured officer

Deborah Costello is the head of a support group for the wives of LVMPD officers on Facebook and says the news of the shooting was rattling.

She said she was relieved to hear her husband was okay but began praying after hearing Officer Mikalonis was injured.

"Everybody that knows him has really good things to say about him. He's so young," Costello said.

Mikalonis, 29, has been part of the LVMPD force for four years, and Costello says her group has reached out to his family.

"I let them know that we're here and available to support them in any way they need," Costello said.

And she told 13 Action News that group is supporting through the power of faith.

"It's a miracle he's alive. So, we're just continuing to pray and pray that God will put his healing hand on him," Costello said.

Las Vegas police officer shot during protest undergoes surgery

A few spouses have also come together through Facebook to express their fears.

"So many have told me that 'I'm so glad we have this,' because it's the only safe place all of them feel right now that they can have conversations," Costello said.

The past few days have been marked with protests, raising their anxiety, and Costello feels the atmosphere nationwide has been divisive and tense.

"People are looking at officer's uniforms instead of what's under the uniform," she said.

Costello says group members of more than 1100 spouses, have come together to talk.

The group understands what they're facing right now and want to make them feel that they're not alone, and they can lean on others for support," Costello said.

Costello also says she supports peaceful protests but doesn't want what happened to officer Mikalonis to happen to anyone else.

A fundraiser is being held to help the family of officer Mikalonis here.