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Light rainfall spreads through Las Vegas

Posted at 7:13 PM, Jan 19, 2016

Light rainfall spread through the Las Vegas valley on Tuesday.

The rain has completely let up now, but the mid-afternoon timing of the downpour changed some residents whole day around. 
I met a man who worked at a car detail shop and he had to leave work early because the place closed. 
Then there was the guy who was going to celebrate his grandmothers birthday. 
His family had planned on eating at an outdoor restaurant but no more. 
One thing a lot of people in this rain have in common is they have to drive in these slick conditions. 
"It's just another day. You just have to watch out for idiots on the road", said one resident.
For all the headaches it causes, the people I met are definitely glad this was a quickly passing through rainstorm.