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LAST CALL: Bonnie Springs final weekend

Posted at 10:12 AM, Mar 17, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A longtime popular Wild West attraction is closing this weekend.

Bonnie Springs Ranch has been a favorite of locals since opening as a tourist attraction in the late '50s with founder Bonnie Levinson (McGaugh).

The ranch is complete with a restaurant, petting zoo, hotel, and roaming cowboys - including a replica of an old Nevada western town.

However, Levinson passed away at age 94 in 2016, and the ranch has been sold to developers who have plans of tearing down portions of the site and building at least 20 houses.

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Despite a Care2 petition gathering more than 55,000 signatures of support to save Bonnie Springs, the Clark County Planning Commission approved development plans back in February.

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"We're hoping that the new owner will want to keep some of the original items. That would be great," Heather Fisher, president of the non-profit Save Red Rock, said.

When the purchase of the land was first reported in January, developers said the team understands the public's attachment to the area.

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"We recognize how special that place is and the whole red rock area but also how special Bonnie Springs is to a lot of people. I have that same feeling in my family." Randall Jones, attorney, and partner connected to the purchase of the property, said.

The zoo animals will be moved out of the area with the owners planning to find them new places to live. The restaurant, motel, and event center are expected to be rebuilt in a different area on the property as well.

"This is not taking Bonnie Springs away it's just changing it. It's a transformation," Jones said.

A public post earlier this month announced the official closing date of the ranch and also thanked everyone for visiting Bonnie Springs through the years.