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Las Vegas thieves stealing bolted down safes

Posted at 1:33 AM, May 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-22 09:14:51-04

The people going to extreme measures in this town to keep themselves safe are still falling victim to theft. Another woman came forward after her bolted down safe was stolen out of her home near Highway 215 and Desert Inn.

We are referring to the woman as "Dee."

“It was about this high and they broke the shelves apparently…to get the shovel and then you can see where they took the shovel and pried it out of the wall,” said Dee.

Dee was out of town and her neighbors were keeping an eye on her house.

Even so, thieves made their way through her back sliding door after smashing the glass.

They walked right past her laptop and made their way to the closet where her 400-pound commercial size safe was.

Dee says the thieves found a shovel in her garage and used it to pry the safe out of the wall and the ground. She has no idea how long that could have possibly taken.

“Meaningful things that really will mean nothing to anyone else,” she said about the items taken.

Inside the safe was tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Most of the items belonged to her late mother.

A couple weeks ago, we told you about a similar story happening to the Ong family near Cheyenne and Buffalo.

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“They came in here and they were ruthless!” said Rosa Ong.

She was at work when the thieves made their way into her home and stole her 400-pound safe.

She also had expensive jewelry inside.

Her Ring doorbell caught two men on camera who police say were a part of this theft.

They still need your help catching the people responsible for both thefts.

Dee wishes she had a security system set up before the crime but she made sure to get one installed now.

Police say a bolted down safe paired with an alarm and security system is the best form of protection from thieves despite what happened to Dee and Rosa.

Dee also wants the community to know to take pictures of your valuables and get extra insurance on your jewelry.

“I’ve heard that a million times but I still didn’t head the warning.”