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Woman devastated after family heirlooms stolen

Crooks also took 400-pound safe
Posted at 1:09 AM, May 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-10 14:40:47-04

A Las Vegas couple is emotionally distraught after their home was ransacked and they had thousands stolen in cash and family heirlooms.

Rosa and Fee Ong made the discovery last Thursday evening at their home near Cheyenne Avenue and Buffalo.

“My garage door was wide open,” said Rosa Ong.

Rosa waited for police to arrive before entering the home.

When she finally walked inside, she saw every room in her house destroyed.

She says you couldn’t even walk in many of the rooms because every item and piece of clothing were yanked out of cabinets and drawers.

“It was just all over the floor,” she said. “The drawers wide open, everything just pulled out.”

Rosa walked into their crawl space next to discover their 400-pound commercial-sized safe was also gone.

“So I just broke out in tears and started crying.”

Inside the safe was a lot of cash and family heirlooms. Many of the items were from her late mother and came from China.

“These are items that are irreplaceable and meant so much to me,” she said. “I can tell you, every night since then I have not been able to sleep because what hurt the most to the core of my soul was that they took….they robbed me of things that were so valuable to me that can never be replaced.”

The jewelry has been in her family for many years and she planned on passing it along to the generations below her.

The Ong couple believes a group of people were responsible for the heinous crime.

In surveillance footage caught on their Ring doorbell, you can see a couple of guys hiding behind one of their bushes and their patio wall. At one point in the video, you hear one of the guys say, “Get back!”.

The Ongs say they will be so happy if they just get the heirlooms back. They don’t need the cash back.

“Cash can be replaced but those heirloom pieces could never be replaced.”

The family is now offering a s$15,000 reward for any information that can lead to an arrest and help them get their heirlooms back.

“If you have any hearts, please return these belongings back to me.”