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Las Vegas technology on display at CES

Posted at 9:23 AM, Jan 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-04 16:25:55-05

Technology in Las Vegas is about to get a whole lot of attention – the city will have a booth at CES next week.

CES is where you'll see the latest and coolest gadgets. This year, the city of Las Vegas will have its own exhibit at the Westgate. What's going to be unveiled to thousands at the booth, you might have already seen or used.

For example, new smart signs are going up this week all around downtown Las Vegas. It has an electronic screen that can display several messages and show you when the next shuttle will arrive.

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"I think it's pretty good because it helps your everyday life to be more comfortable," said
Carlos Diz, a Las Vegas resident.

Nine of the solar-powered signs will be up for six months.

The city will also showcase the self-driving bus. It started rolling last year. Despite a small fender bender on the first day, the pilot program will keep moving for a year.

The innovations are not all visible, like smart city sensors that collect data on the roads and foot traffic, but it's stuff many people appreciate.

"They care about people that's less fortunate to keep paying bills or to have stuff like that that we can still connect with the world," said Vonniesha Kimble, a Las Vegas resident.

The city hopes to be a model of innovation.

The city spent $7,200 for the booth. That's about half the normal rate that the Consumer Technology Association charges, according to a city spokesman.