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Las Vegas police release more 1 October video, audio files

Police release more 1 Oct. video, audio files
Police release more 1 Oct. video, audio files
Posted at 12:59 PM, Jun 20, 2018

Las Vegas police released more material related to the 1 October mass shooting at noon today.

This is the 7th release of material since the police department was ordered by the Nevada Supreme Court to release all of the material related to the shooting investigation. This release contains 24 video files and 130 audio files. 

The release on June 20 contains more body camera footage and 911 calls from the night of shooting on Oct. 1, 2017. 58 people were killed and more than 500 people were injured that night.

One of the videos shows a pair of police officers who have responded to reports of gunfire. They are on an unidentified side street near the Route 91 Harvest Festival venue. Gunfire can still be heard in the background when the body camera begins recording. The two officers begin putting on gear as they are telling people who are running past them to keep moving. At one point, a radio call about an officer who has been shot can be heard and one of the police officers starts cursing and says the downed officer is his friend. The other police officer tells him to keep calm.


As vehicles begin arriving at their location with people who have been injured, the officers begin giving drivers directions and helping people into ambulances. The officer wearing the body cam then decides that he is going to transport victims to a local hospital. He loads several people into his patrol car and begins speeding towards University Medical Center. 

After dropping off the victims, the officer heads back to where he left his partner. 

Much of the body camera footage appears to have been recorded by officers who were instructed to help with control of the scene outside of where the shooting was happening. Gunfire and shouts of "keep going, keep going" and "just move" can be heard over and over again in the videos.

The videos also show that police officers acted without hesitation that night, rushing into the festival venue, and were willing to put their lives on the line to help the many people who were scared and injured. 

One of the videos show police officers responding to Mandalay Bay. Once again, gunfire can clearly be heard in the background. The officers are first shown outside of the hotel and then going inside and making their way up a stopped escalator and meeting up with security. Next, the officer wearing the body camera and his partner get into an elevator with a hotel security guard and they head to the 32nd floor where the gunfire was coming from. 

Once there, they meet up with other security guards, including Jesus Campos. 

Campos, who was injured after being sent to investigate an alarm on the 32nd floor, can be seen showing the arriving officers his wounded leg. Once more officers arrive, they can be seen methodically clearing rooms as they approach the suite occupied by the shooter. No gunfire can be heard during that time. 

The shooter, Stephen Paddock, died of a self-inflicted gunshot inside his rented suite at Mandalay Bay. A motive for the shooting still has not been uncovered.