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UPDATE: Coroner releases statement on autopsy reports for 1 October victims, shooter

Posted at 8:52 AM, Jan 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-31 09:59:09-05

UPDATE AT 6 P.M. JAN. 30: The coroner's office sent 13 Action News a statement regarding the court order, saying redacted autopsy reports of the victims will be released soon but that shooter Stephen Paddock's autopsy is not finished. When Paddock's autopsy is complete, it will be released in its entirety along with toxicology reports.

UPDATE AT 10:45 A.M. JAN. 30: Judge Timothy Williams has ruled that the coroner's reports related to the 1 October mass shooting must be released.

In addition to the autopsy draft for shooter Stephen Paddock, records for all 58 victims will be released. The coroner has already said that all 58 died of gunshot wounds. The victim's names will not be on the reports.

It is not known when the final autopsy report for Paddock will be complete. According to a tweet by the courts, counsel told the court that the autopsy is almost complete.


The Associated Press and the Las Vegas Review-Journal have requested the autopsy records for both Stephen Paddock and all 58 victims of the 1 October shooting.

The coroner has already named bullet wounds as the cause of death for all 58 victims, but the detailed records could shed light on the medical response time to those killed in the shooting.

The coroner also confirmed that 1 October shooter Stephen Paddock killed himself but autopsy results may provide a glimpse into the motive behind his senseless actions.

Today, Judge Timothy Williams will hear arguments for and against releasing the coroner documents. Depending on his decision, documents may be released as soon as this week.