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UPDATE: Bellmen helped Las Vegas shooter carry bags filled with guns to room

Why did shooter choose Mandalay Bay?
Posted at 5:23 PM, Oct 10, 2017

UPDATE: As more details become available, the events leading up to the Las Vegas mass shooting on OCt. 1 become more clear. The latest information shows shooter Stephen Paddock had help carrying his bags, which contained guns, to his Mandalay Bay hotel suite.

On two separate occasions, a Mandalay Bay bellman helped Paddock carry his luggage to his suite via the hotel's service elevator. MGM resorts said this about the service, "it is not a special perk and guests do request to remain with their bags, and they may be taken to their room via the service elevator."

Investigators discovered at least 10 bags filled with weapons inside Paddock's room.

ORIGINAL STORY: We're learning more today about why Stephen Paddock chose Mandalay Bay.  

Sources being briefed on the investigation confirm Paddock had access to and used Mandalay Bay's service elevator in the days leading up to the attack.  

Use of the service elevator there is a perk for high-rollers, which not every casino company allows.  

At Mandalay Bay, Paddock knew the hotel, the location of the service elevators and how private they are.  

We're also learning investigators believe it's clear from room modifications, like jamming of doors in Paddock's suite--that he was preparing for some sort of extended siege.

As for the changing timeline involving Security Officer Jesus Campos, ABC News is reporting Las Vegas Metropolitan Police allowed Campos to leave town after talking to him.  

The FBI realized there was something up with the timeline and brought him back to be re-interviewed.  

The FBI insisted the sheriff make it public, but sources say the sheriff was reluctant.

However, in a press conference on Friday, October 6, Undersheriff Kevin McMahill seemed to let it slip.

"The question is was he--was the security officer shot before the suspect was shooting into the crowd.  The answer to that is yes, we believe he was shot--I'm sorry--that we believe that he was shooting into the crowd and then the security officer was shot during that event."

As of Monday, Sheriff Joe Lombardo confirmed Campos was shot first.  

That was Metro's first official announcement about the inaccurate timeline.  

Many have pointed questions about that and about how quickly police were notified by Mandalay Bay that they had a security officer shot.