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Las Vegas quintuplets dad speaks out after all criminal charges are dropped

Relief for the family of 13
Posted at 10:18 AM, Sep 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-07 13:18:21-04

After a five-year battle, the father of the Las Vegas quintuplets has been cleared of all charges.

Deon Derrico sat down with 13 Action News to discuss the now dismissed criminal case.

"I do not want no one else to go through what I've gone through," said Derrico. "... This type of thing can kill people, the stress."

The dad of 11 says he initially cooperated in the real estate fraud case knowing he was innocent. But after this experience, he says, that's something he would not encourage others to do.

"They lead me to believe that this wasn't even about me," he said. "... How to properly defend yourself is one, don't talk, get an attorney."

On Thursday, the family celebrated the fifth birthday of the quintuplets.  

Mr. and Mrs. Derrico brought cupcakes to their children's school during a surprise visit. Mr. Derrico says this moment would not have been possible last year.

"I wasn't able to go up to my children's school and read a book to my children," he said. "... And I understand it as a parent I wouldn't want my children around a potential felon."

Derrico says he can speak candidly now that the criminal case is finally over. He is in the process of writing a back about how to thrive and survive after a case like this.

"I know I was targeted just based off of my notoriety," he said.

The family says they are adjusting to a new normal. They are excited about the future.

"For me, I feel like we went through this because I'm here to help someone," said wife Karen Derrico.