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Las Vegas police Little League team shows positive results

Posted at 8:15 AM, Sep 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 12:16:08-04

Las Vegas police officers started a little league.

Now they're seeing a big change because of it.

"I've been on calls where my kids come out, run, and give me a hug that are on my team, and I never even knew they lived at that address," said David Shive, a police officer, and little league coach.

Officers used what little free time they had to coach seven teams this year.

This was specifically for families in the Bolden Area Command. That's an area extending northeast from West Charleston Boulevard and South Rainbow Boulevard.

It wasn't just games and practices, the kids got to go to Adventuredome and even a Dodgers game in California. Police say all that time with the officers in and out of uniform made the kids, and even their parents, more comfortable around law enforcement. They say that's why they've gotten more 911 calls from the player's families.


The season was an adventure, though. Some of these kids had no idea what baseball was when they started.

"Some of the kids were showing up wearing flip-flops. They were actually coming to play baseball in sandals or flip-flops," said Robert Plummer with the Las Vegas police.

Their first season just ended. Next year, the officers want to double the number of teams in the league and include older kids
Many of the coaches know they will return.

"I'll be a part of this as long as I'm here... Because that's how important it is to me," said Shive.