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Las Vegas Man accused of killing 15-year-old boy begins retrial

Las Vegas Man accused of killing 15-year-old boy begins retrial
Posted at 7:40 PM, May 23, 2022

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A convicted murderer was back in the courtroom for a crime committed nine years ago.

Michael Solid testified once again before a jury. Tensions inside the courtroom were high with Solid at one point arguing with the prosecutor. We spoke to the victim’s father, and he says while this retrial forces him to relive the worst day of his life, he has to be here to make sure his son has a voice.

Solid and Jacob Dismont were convicted of murder in the death of the 15-year-old. In May of 2013, Dismont, stole the iPad from the teenager and Solid was driving a white SUV that ran him over.

Both were sentenced to prison for murder, robbery, and other felony charges in 2016. Dismont pleaded guilty to his charges and Solid went to trial and was convicted, but the Nevada Supreme Court reversed that decision on appeal, finding a structural error.

Defense attorneys for Solid argued the jury selection process was not handled correctly, and that the court improperly refused to conduct a hearing on why Black people were underrepresented.

Ivan Arenas, the father of the victim, said reliving this case again is the biggest pain a parent can face.

"We are going through hell twice because we had to go through the details once already," Arenas said.

He says all he wants is for justice to be served.

"Everyone is talking about his rights and the legal things, but what about my baby?" ," Arenas said. "I'm never going to get him back."

Arenas says he purchased his son that iPad as a gift for his good grades and participation in sports. His son was proud of the gift and fatally fought to keep it.

"It is the worst tragedy I have gone through, personally, "Arenas stated.

Marcos suffered a collapsed lung, a damaged liver and pancreas, and a skull fracture. His father says he would have just turned 25 if he was still alive today.

Emotions in the courtroom ran very high. At one point, Ivan Arenas had an outburst in court, directing a question at Solid when he was on the stand, he then left the courtroom.