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Las Vegas locals question certification of Clark County’s results for primary election

Posted at 7:01 PM, Jun 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-28 20:19:49-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Nevada's primary election has been certified, but some have raised questions about the election process.

Last Friday, Clark County commissioners listened to voters venting their concerns that the election was rigged all claims have proven to be false.

Joe Gloria, Clark County Registrar of Voters was greeted with boos and insults at the county commissioner's election certification meeting. This happened shortly after Gloria gave Clark County's tally of votes. Gloria said that the higher turnout in mail-in ballots should dictate future resources rather than in-person voting.

"The majority of voters are voting by mail and so we need to make sure to keep that in mind and in future elections we need to decrease the number of in-person voting to balance staff," Gloria said.

What has been a routine and administrative process, the certification of elections has drawn the attention of disruptive voters and candidates hoping to find wrongdoing in election tallies. Sondra Cosgrove says the election process in the state of Nevada was questioned in 2020, but no misconduct was ever found.

"It's easy when you have political candidates casting doubt to think maybe something went wrong, but our registrars and clerks, have observers that are in those counting rooms,” said Cosgrove. “They have people who, you know, double-check on everything."

During public comment in Friday's meeting, many questioned the integrity of the primary election. Candidates who did not make the ballot plan to contest the election for transparency and accountability concerns. Their campaigns alleged numerous election violations including the violation of ballot secrecy and signature verification, but in Friday’s meeting, the registrar of voters said otherwise, and the commission voted unanimously to certify the results.

"There were no tabulation errors in the 913 precincts therefore as the duly appointed registrar of voters of Clark County I hereby certify that the results of the county for this election are deemed certifiable," said Gloria.

All 17 counties in the State of Nevada have certified the primary results and have sent their formal canvass to the secretary of the state for the elections to move forward in November.