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Las Vegas Lights say 'zero-tolerance' for chanting slurs at soccer matches

Posted at 8:07 AM, Feb 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-14 20:38:49-05

There was a lot of excitement at the first Las Vegas Lights match.  However, some fans noticed people chanting a derogatory word towards players.

The word used roughly translates to "male prostitute." The word means different things to different cultures.  Some soccer fans insist it means coward or traitor, but others say it's an anti-gay slur.

FIFA has fined other teams for using the chant in the past. 13 Action News asked the Lights organization if they had any plans to kick out fans who use the chant. They tell us they're working with the city to come up with a zero-tolerance policy, and say the chant has to go.

"Anytime you have a brand new house, and throw a brand new party, and you invite 10,000 friends over, sure there's going to be one or two bad apples," says Brett Lashbrook, the owner of the Las Vegas Lights FC.

One fan club says they tried to counter-cheer against the chant. The Electric Company LV says when they heard the inappropriate chant, they immediately tried to cheer louder. 

"We don't agree, and have never agreed, with that chant," says club president Phil Garcia.

The Lights say it's fans like these that keep the team going through all 45 minutes of play.

"Unlike traditional American sports, where you have t-shirt guns and cheerleaders and scoreboards that say clap-clap-clap at every break, it's the fans and our supporters that bring that energy," says Lashbrook.

The Lights have another match this weekend, and the team hopes to have another sell-out crowd.  Tickets are still available