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Las Vegas girl to receive life-saving liver transplant from mother

Las Vegas girl to receive life-saving liver transplant from mother
Posted at 11:16 PM, Oct 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-11 10:02:30-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A little girl in Las Vegas is getting a second chance at life after being diagnosed with an extremely rare liver disease.

5-year-old Lucy Forte has biliary atresia. The illness blocks bile flow from the liver to the gallbladder, eventually leading to liver damage and possible failure.

“The paperwork said liver failure to see it in black-and-white was just intense,” said Kim Forte, Lucy’s mom

Lucy has spent quite a bit of time in and out of the hospital being treated for her condition. Recently, doctors told her parents a transplant would be her best chance.

The wait for organ donation can be a long one. Some people wait years while others may never receive it but after just two months on a waiting list, the family received the best news ever.

“l found out last week that I will be able to donate part of my liver to her,” Forte said.

Donors go through an extensive evaluation before surgery and the operation itself carries a lot of risks, but to Forte, none of that matters if it means her daughter gets to live.

“I would do anything for her. We’re extremely grateful that we were able to have this chance to save her life,” Forte said.

Lucy and Kim will be having their surgery next month in Los Angeles. The family will be living there for three months during the recovery period.

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