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Las Vegas feels the economic impact of CES going virtual

Posted at 7:50 PM, Jan 10, 2021

LAS VEGAS(KTNV) — For the first time in history, CES will go virtual.

CES 2021 will start on Jan. 11. However, this year's show won’t be held in Las Vegas.

With it going virtual you can attend the world’s largest tech show from the comfort of your home or maybe even your office.

No more lines at the airport or at hotels or frequent walks through the Las Vegas Convention Center and that means bad news for Las Vegas and its economy.

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“The estimated annual impact of CES you're looking at 175,000 participants and the overall dollar amount is usually around $300 million, “ says Jason Baucom, financial advisor.

Hundreds of local businesses who depend on one of the largest conventions for contracts with visitors and big companies are affected.

24 Seven Production, a special event and trade show company, is one of them.

"We've had repeat clients who would have a booth set up, and we would help with their graphics. We would help them with their furniture, we would help them with talent. Sometimes they would have events and parties related to the trade show and we would provide all the different elements, whether it's live bands, and production, custom décor,“ said Jarrid Mendelson, owner of 24 Seven Production.

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Last year the company says they had contracts with at least 6 large companies. In 2021, they say they have lost tens of thousands of dollars by not having CES in town.

A situation that hopefully won’t repeat itself in 2022.

“I'm praying that we're back in a position to be having events again and for people to feel safe. Just taking it day by day, because where we are right now I can't imagine thousands of people from all over the world getting together in tight areas to all meet each other and shake hands, “ said Mandelson.

Many questions linger on how CES 2022 may be able to return to the city, but for this year, CES 2021 will go virtual starting tomorrow.