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Las Vegas couple looking for child to adopt via Facebook

Posted at 3:37 PM, Sep 25, 2017

A Las Vegas couple hoping to adopt is taking a very different, and more public, approach.

"I'm hoping that some mom will see that video and that her heart will be touched," said Karli Johnson, a local mother who, together with her husband, posted a video on Facebook sharing their urge to adopt a girl.

After having two sons, the couple can't have any more children of their own. They've known for a while they wanted to adopt. Through the video, they're hoping to speak with the mother of their future girl directly.

In the clip, they make several promises about their potential daughter's upbringing. It brings up tears for Karli Johnson.

"It's not conventional and it's not what people expect you know. They kind of expect for us to just join the legions of online profiles on adoption websites," said Karli Johnson.

They showed it to their family first, then posted it for the world to see.

"When I went to go post it I was like okay, this is going to get real. This is going to get very personal," said Blake Johnson, Karli Johnson's husband.

The couple plans to eventually go through an adoption agency, but they hope this video moves them to the front of the line.