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Vegas casino owner wants to make Kanye a deal

Posted at 5:50 PM, Feb 17, 2016
Derek Stevens, the owner of The D and Golden Gate casinos is offering Kanye West a deal to help him with his personal debt.
He says Kanye can come perform a concert at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, and keep all of the ticket revenue. 
"I always try to bring more people to downtown Las Vegas," says Derek Stevens.  "And I think with our events center, you never know what could happen.  We have so many good concerts coming up here in downtown.  When I put [the tweet] out, it was just kind of for fun." 
Kanye West did play for the Life is Beautiful festival in 2014, so he's no stranger to performing in downtown Las Vegas.  
Kanye West tweeted a few days ago that all of his business projects left him with $53 million of debt. 
He then began reaching out to Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg to invest in some of his ideas to take care of that debt. 
If West did take Stevens deal, he would have to sell his tickets for about $5,000 each to pay off all of his personal debt.