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Irreplaceable memories stolen along with laptop

Posted at 11:11 PM, Nov 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 10:50:50-05

A Las Vegas mother is desperate to find her stolen laptop that was filled with memories she can't get back. 

Geraldine Ramos started saving voicemail messages from her father years ago when she realized there would come a day when she wouldn't be able to hear his voice again. 

"My father's been sick. He had cancer," Ramos said.

The voicemail messages became irreplaceable reminders of her father's love when he died in April.

"Just hearing his voice, telling me that he loves me or he misses me, just like the little things," she said through tears.  

Ramos kept the countless messages on her laptop. The laptop was stolen from her car in a Southern Highlands neighborhood the last week of October. The thief also took a floral Vera Bradley backpack, some baby clothes, and college textbooks. 

"I'm trying to move forward and then this happens," she said. 

Ramos is offering a cash reward for the laptop and said she doesn't want to press charges against the thief. 

"It's not the laptop itself, it's what's inside," she said. 

Ramos said police couldn't help her because she did not know the serial number of the laptop. She said police encouraged her to always write down serial numbers of any electronic device.