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UPDATE: Neighbors say HOA took action on tree after report

Posted at 6:46 PM, Apr 12, 2017

UPDATE APRIL 13: Neighbors say just hours after our report aired, they believe the homeowners association took action.  

Dennis Couse said the limbs to the leaning tree were cut early Thursday morning. 13 Action News was told other trees in the neighborhood were also pruned.  

Couse is still waiting for the tree to be fully chopped up and removed. He hopes that happens in the next week.  

Gusts in the valley were up to 40 miles per hour Thursday. People who live nearby hope there will be no further damage.


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- A valley man is worried about his family's safety because of a tree leaning precariously near his apartment near Karen Avenue and Lamb Boulevard.

Dennis Couse said it has been almost two weeks since the tree outside his front door first started to fall. He said it has been leaning since the wind storm last month. He told 13 Action News the homeowners association said taking care of it was not a priority.

"I'm too old to get mad. I get worried, I worry about my grandbabies," said Couse.

The tree by his house is not the only one with a problem. 13 Action News saw several fallen trees, trees leaning over, and other trees with broken limbs. One neighbor said as many as 20 trees around the complex were damaged.

We went to the property management office on site, who said they take care of the inside of the units, and the HOA takes care of the outside.

So 13 Action News went to Level Property Management, the HOA management company. They closed the door on our crew, and would not even talk to us without the camera. We called them, too, but did not get a call back.

"What's funny is if we leave a chair sitting out, or garbage thing sitting out, homeowners (association) is going to let us know," Couse said. "They're going to let us know; they might even fine us. But yet when we need them to do something, they're nowhere to be found."

13 Action News talked with State Farm about what to do. If this happens to you and the tree falls and the tree was in good condition, you should file with your insurance. But if the tree was in poor condition, the tree owner's liability insurance may respond to the claim.