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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE. Las Vegas Outlaws cost woman hundreds after close

Posted at 6:59 PM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-05 23:47:14-04
After the Outlaws, Las Vegas' arena football team, packed up, one woman says she was left with an empty promise.
She bought season tickets for a season that never happened, and said no one seemed willing to help her. 
2015 was the Las Vegas Outlaws' first season and their last season. The team canceled their final game of the 2015 season after Anne Chrysler already bought four season tickets to the 2016 season.
"We started kind of wondering, 'Oh gosh is the team going under? Are they going to be sold? Is the Arena Football League going to take over? What's going to happen?'" said Chrysler.
Her husband made a call to the Outlaws for answers.
"[The Outlaws] kind of gave him the indication to just hang tight and that things would all work," said Chrysler, "and they didn't because we never heard from them again."
The team folded and took $400 of Chrysler's season ticket money with them.
"It really didn't seem very nice, very fair at all," Chrysler said.
13 Action News went to the address listed for the Outlaws' office. 
Today it is a dentist's office.
"We really were hopeful that the Arena Football League would step in and at least give us some guidance or tell us what we could do, but there was no reply at all," said Chrysler.
13 Action News went to their office too, near the location of the Outlaws' former office. We eventually got a hold of the Executive Vice President. 
He promised us he would look into what happened to the Chryslers and try to make it right.