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Residents left without hot water

Posted at 7:01 PM, Jan 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-16 14:05:29-05
Residents at a Las Vegas apartment complex estimate about a hundred of them spent more than a week without hot water.
Action News received numerous emails from people living at Canyon Pointe Apartments, all saying they had no hot water for days.
On Jan. 5, residents in a handful of the buildings noticed they had no hot water.
John Hamilton said the next day, they got a note on their doors.
"We got a letter posted to our door saying that the hot water would be back on the next day, on the 7th," said Hamilton. "The hot water never came back on." 
Hamilton said he and his roommates tried to get an explanation from the office.
"Every time we tried contacting them we got the runaround," he said.
Southwest Gas told Action News a contractor in the area nicked the gas line.
When the gas inspectors came out, they found leaks on the line and had to shut the gas off.
They said the apartment management called them again on Jan. 12 saying the repairs were made, but Southwest Gas crews said the repairs were not complete.
Again, management contacted Southwest Gas on the 13th, and finally the repairs were complete.
Southwest Gas' spokeswoman said they turned the gas back on on Jan. 13, but let management know the water heater were installed improperly.
"The most upsetting fact is that they really didn't keep us informed," said Hamilton.
Action News tried to get answers from the people running the leasing office on property, but they asked us to leave.
A manager from Canyon Pointe called us, but said they would not comment. We called the management company, but after trying seven extensions no one answered.
No one would offer us an explanation as to why it took eight days to restore hot water.
According to Nevada law, hot water is an essential service, which means if it goes out, the landlord has 48 hours to fix it or "use best efforts" to do so.
If they don't, the tenants can withhold rent (if they are current on their rent), find a way to get their own hot water and deduct that from their rent payment, find other housing and bill the landlord for that, or sue the landlord for the time they went without hot water.