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Husky reunited with owner after Las Vegas police step in

Posted at 12:01 AM, Jun 15, 2017

Loki the Siberian Husky service dog who escaped from a Las Vegas doggie daycare has been reunited with his owner.

Loki had been missing nearly seven weeks after breaking through a crate, pushing through doors, and jumping over fences at Hot Diggity Dog Daycare near Cheyenne Avenue and Buffalo Drive.

Loki’s owner, Melissa Nelson, and Hot Diggity Dog Daycare owner, Jimmy Carosone, never stopped looking.

“I was at the point where I didn’t think I was going to get him back,” said Nelson.

But everything changed after a woman called in with a huge tip about who was keeping Loki.

“I saw the news story and I have information to the whereabouts of the missing dog Loki...and we’re like ok go on....” said daycare owner Jimmy Carosone.

The woman said her daughter had been keeping Loki and refused to give him back.

Melissa reported this to Las Vegas police and they set up a sting operation to get him back.

In the parking lot of Lee’s Discount Liquor, police waited for Loki and his fake owners to walk out of the store. Melissa was nearby.

“The cop got tired of their games so he came over to me and he’s like can I just see what he does when you come up to the window?” recalled Melissa.

So she went up and called Loki’s name.

“As soon as he licked my face, I started bawling like a baby, I was crying and he’s trying to comfort me, putting his head up against my neck and stuff,” said Nelson.

Police deemed the investigation over after seeing Loki’s reaction to seeing Melissa. They said Melissa could leave with her dog. They finished talking to the other couple and ended up leaving without making any arrests.