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How parents, kids can cope with coronavirus stress

Posted at 9:04 AM, Apr 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-02 14:22:52-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — During the pandemic, many families are stuck at home. The ongoing crisis plus the physical distancing we all need to do can cause a lot of stress even within families especially with kids.

But one valley family is beating coronavirus stress.

Right now everyone stuck at home is using technology like FaceTime and Zoom to hang out. Experts say any opportunity to keep up social contact is good overall for mental health

"I FaceTime my friends and stuff and we help each other on homework because we have the same classes. But I miss my friends and I miss the social part of school."

As schools remain closed, 11-year-old Bryn Berggren relies on devices and social media to stay connected with friends.

Mom, Dana, helps Bryn and sister Mo adapt.

"I help them create some sort of schedule while working myself and doing all the things that I need to," says Dana.

The ongoing health crisis is putting pressure on many families and managing stress can become increasingly difficult.

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For the Berggren’s, the trick is finding joy in simple tasks together. They’re taking walks, gardening and shopping for groceries.

Bryn: Cooking dinner together and stuff I feel like not brought us all together.

Dana: Cooking and lots of great conversation you know board games. Things that we haven't done in the past because there’s always places to go and things to do so now we’re just sitting down and just having some really deep conversation.

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That includes honest conversations about the coronavirus pandemic and reassuring Bryn and mo this too shall pass.


Clinical psychologist, Dr. Renee Solomon of Forward Recovery says there are steps families can take to help students adjust.

“I think parents should really ask in school what do you enjoy doing the most and trying to create that at home.”

For parents who have to juggle more tasks than ever, “Now it’s really hard for parents that are still working from home because they still have to be a school teacher as well as a parent as well as a school teacher. And I would say whatever you can do if you’re a 2 parent home take turns schooling your child involving in activities or even have the grandparents do virtual sessions with them.”

Families can take this time of social distancing to be closer.

"I find our family doing things we haven’t done in years. And it’s fun and this is bringing us all together in a way," says Bryn.