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Henderson PD to focus on gender diversity

Henderson police department hiring
Posted at 8:39 AM, Jan 23, 2018

Henderson Police Department is trying to close the gender gap.  They're hiring new officers, and focusing on gender diversity.  

According to a study by SafeWise, Nevada police officers are the second most overworked in the country.  Many departments are now trying to beef up patrols.  

Henderson Police Department is also pushing for a more diverse recruitment class, specifically when it comes to female police officers. 

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, women make up less than 15% of local police officers.  However, some studies show they are less likely to discharge their weapons, and more likely to have better communication and higher trust with members of the community. 

"Generally speaking, men and women are very different," says Detective Lindsay Vulanovich with Henderson Police Department.  "I do think that women can bring a great thing to the table.  Sometimes we're very strong in certain aspects that maybe men might not be, and vice-versa." 

The push comes just month after the city hired a new female police chief, LaTesha Watson.  The recruitment class from this round of hiring will be the first under Chief Watson, and according to her colleagues, she wants to put a focus on gender diversity within the department. 

"Chief Watson is very big on promoting females and having females here," says Detective Vulanovich.  "I think it's very important to her."  

Anybody interested in applying with Henderson Police Department can visit can find more information here.