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Nevada has the 2nd most overworked police officers in the country

Posted at 12:37 PM, Oct 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-24 15:52:06-04
SafeWise compiled a list of ten states with the most overworked police officers in America. Nevada made the list at number two.
The study found that Nevada has one police officer for every 248 people. On average, each officer handled about 21 property crimes and two violent crimes in 2014. That's over 185,000 incidents when factoring in the state's 9,000 law enforcement officials.
Michigan topped the list with over 630,000 crimes in 2014, or about 28 incidents per officer. Maryland was recognized as the state with the least amount of crime at five incidents for every officer.
The top ten states with the most overworked police officers are as follows:
  1. Michigan - 28 crimes per officer
  2. Nevada - 23 crimes per officer
  3. Idaho - 19 crimes per officer
  4. Kentucky - 19 crimes per officer
  5. Arkansas - 17 crimes per officer
  6. South Dakota - 16 crimes per officer
  7. Mississippi - 16 crimes per officer
  8. Wyoming - 15 crimes per officer
  9. North Carolina - 15 crimes per officer
  10. Indiana - 13 crimes per officer
The study also offered insights about specific factors that affect crime rates. A higher violent crime rate is strongly correlated with large numbers of law enforcement officers. Meanwhile, property crimes do not seem to affect police staffing.
Data also suggests that regions with dense populations see 17.76 percent more crime than rural areas. Policing tactics also appear to impact crime and police force numbers, though the exact correlation is disputed.
To read the full study, click here