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Henderson Fire Department releases app, encourages bystander intervention

Posted at 7:21 AM, Feb 12, 2019

LAS VEGAS/KTNV — For Torey Crum, preparedness is key.

"We try to have as many staff CPR and AED certified as possible," she said.

As the fitness director at Sun City Anthem, a 55 plus community with upward of 14,000 residents, she hosts the American Red Cross for two extensive, hands-on CPR and AED courses a year. The goal? To get as many staff and residents trained as possible, so if and when crisis strikes, someone nearby knows what to do.

"Even if all we can do is clear an airway or start chest compressions and then the paramedics are there three to four minutes later, we've done everything we could do," said Crum. "and we probably saved their life."

According to the American Heart Association, Crum is right - bystander intervention and treatment with CPR and/or an AED can triple the survival rate to more than 30 percent. And in her eight years at the community, Crum says at least a half dozen times she's been told by paramedics that she and others are the reason the person would survive.

"That early intervention and the willingness to do whatever we can make all the difference," she said.

The Henderson Fire Department is doing what they can to make a difference, too - by encouraging people to download and use the Pulse Point app, which alerts CPR and AED trained people who are within a quarter mile of someone having a medical episode.

"The answer is bystander intervention. If we can just convince people that with a slight bit of training, you can absolutely be a part of saving someone's life," said Shawn White, chief of the Henderson Fire Department.

This is all part of a new safety and survivability campaign in Henderson called See, Say, Do.

"Anytime we have a large group of undivided attention - whether it's churches or large businesses or employers, we're going to try to get in front of them and say please just get some CPR training, download the app, help us save more lives in the city of Henderson," said White.

The Henderson Fire Department and the Valley View Recreation Center will offer free CPR training courses over the next several months to promote community engagement.