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'He'll never forget': Couples share reasons for tying the knot this month, Vegas chapels see boost

Posted at 3:04 PM, Feb 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-02 22:21:45-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — February is officially Wedding Month and Las Vegas chapels and couples are excited to say their "I do's."

Couples from all over the country, like Veronica Hicks and Reginald William from North Carolina, are walking down the aisle this month — Vegas style.

"When I was thinking of dates, I was like oh 2/2/22 is coming up. That will be cool," said Hicks. "My daughter said they are angel numbers so that's even better."

The meaning behind the number two — harmony, balance and love — is driving a number of couples to select February 2022 as the time to tie the knot.

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"I knew for a long time this was the one," said Aubrey of his partner Shetoria. The couple is from Flint, Michigan, and will always remember the day they got engaged in Las Vegas on April 3, 2021 — or 4/3/21.

Their wedding date? That will be just as easy to remember.

"He'll never forget if it's all 'twos!' Two, 22, 22. So there's never an excuse," said Shetoria, both of them laughing.

Teri Krug and Ralph Bartley chose to stay right here at home.

Bartley was eyeing 2/22/22 years before even proposing.

"I knew that date. That's the date I wanted and like three years ago she was like no way, it's too far away," he said. "And now it's like a month away."

"I know! And now I'm like, it's 23 days. Oh my gosh, I still have to do this, I still have to do this," added Krug, lightheartedly.

The happily ever afters are giving the Las Vegas wedding industry a boost after a tough few years.

"There's typically some good dates in every year, but this is particularly good for February," said Lynn Marie Goya, the Clark County clerk.

Goya says the county earns $2.5 billion each year on people getting hitched. Each wedding generates about $27,000, on average.

"People come, they bring their family and friends," she said. "They stay in the hotels, they eat at the restaurants. You know, they're willing to spend $750 for a bottle of vodka because it's a one-time experience."

While Feb. 2 and Feb. 14 will be busy, Tuesday, Feb. 22 could be record-breaking for local chapels.

"It's bouncing back," said Carrie Gaudio with the Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel in downtown Las Vegas. "The winter season is always the slow season in the wedding industry. Christmas is slow, January slow. February's normally slow besides Valentine's Day."

"To have that unexpected cash flow is awesome for a business that's normally bringing in no money in February," she said.

But let's not forget, love is what got us here, and the many couples choosing to say "I do" in Las Vegas are helping the valley create a solid foundation for a long-lasting industry.